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About HMC

GET CREATIVE with Holler Morris!

Walter Morris

Erika Harvey

Holler Morris Creative Studio in a Few Words

Holler Morris Creative is a Los Angeles based design company dedicated to providing original, inspired creative content, intelligent branding and a full range of design support to our clients. 


Passion Makes A Difference: About HMC

Brand Identity, Logo Design, Print Design, Promotional Marketing, Web Design, Development + Maintenance, App Design, We do it all!

Holler Morris Creative is a full service agency that provides solutions to theatrical, home entertainment and various other clients as well as production services for creative directors and departments of agencies to deliver their concepts to their clients!

Our business model relies on the think, imagine, collaborate method which creates a seamless experience for your business, delivering a high quality, on time and a stress-free experience!

Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design.

Holler Morris Creative was able to recognize the need for design in a tech-heavy world. Coming up from humble beginnings, the creative team worked tirelessly to fill a gap in our industry. Helping small businesses to grow and become more relevant in their fields, growing their customer base and delivering easy, searchable solutions for a fast changing environment. Holler Morris creative quickly became, through word of mouth, a great resource for an all-in-one, cost effective solution for many small entities!

As Holler Morris Creative began to grow, so did technology. Finding a balance between, the newest tech and solid foundations, HMC continued to stay applicable and pushed forward, adding to their expertise!

Larger clientele began to take notice and assumed the services of HMC, bringing their projects to the public in a  precise, logical and progressive manner, thus gaining imaginative, all-in-one solutions that resulted in  proper integration through print, web, social media while maintaining a smooth workflow all the way through realization.

Today, HMC recognizes their humble beginnings and continue to treat small struggling businesses and large, well established companies with the same respect, creating the conceptual link between ideas and design.